Buy Roasted Pista (Pistachio) Online in Pakistan – 1 Kg

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High quality being the only real concern, we provide hygienic assortment of Roasted Pista which are treasured among the many purchasers for its delectable aroma and crispy style. Our complete product vary has lengthy shelf life and is wholesome and recent in nature. Roasted Pista are free from dangerous impurities and ensures protected consumption.


Raw pistachios are a wholesome, nutrient-rich snack that you would be able to eat anytime, wherever. Enliven your favorite salad or rice dish with a sprinkling of beautiful inexperienced no shell pistachios. One serving of this wholesome nut has as a lot fiber as half a cup of broccoli or spinach, whereas additionally providing potassium and vitamin B. Give your weight-reduction plan a well being enhance with uncooked pistachios


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